Chai Talks

Chai Talks with Durgesh & Vincent

Welcome to “Chai Talks,” the exclusive LinkedIn Live talk show that adds warmth, flavor, and insight to your daily routine. Just like a steaming cup of traditional chai is accompanied by biscuits and spices, our Chai Talks serve up personal stories and valuable information on a diverse range of topics that are often overlooked in your workplace but are incredibly relevant to your personal and professional growth.


Chai Talks offers a refreshing departure in a world where conversations are often limited to the confines of work-related matters. Our show is a cozy virtual gathering space where you can kick back, sip on your favorite brew, and engage in candid discussions that transcend the boundaries of professional and personal life.

What to expect?

At Chai Talks, we believe that there’s more to people than just their job titles and daily tasks. Our host sits down with diverse individuals, ranging from industry experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to artists, travelers, and everyday heroes. Through the power of storytelling, we delve into their life journeys, unearthing inspiring personal anecdotes and the wisdom they’ve gained along the way.

Our show covers an eclectic mix of topics, some of which you might never have discussed openly at work. From mental health and work-life balance to personal passions, creative pursuits, travel adventures, and family dynamics, Chai Talks explores the multifaceted nature of human existence.

Why Chai Talks?

Honest Conversations: The best conversations happen when we drop the facades and speak from the heart. Chai Talks encourages guests to open up and share their genuine experiences.

Learning Beyond the Office: Your work life is just one facet of your identity. Chai Talks helps you discover new perspectives and ideas that can enrich your professional and personal life.

So, if you’re tired of the same old water cooler conversations and are eager to explore the untapped potential of meaningful discussions, grab your favorite chai, settle into your comfy spot, and tune in to Chai Talks – Sip, Share, and Shine. It’s where the heart meets the mind and life’s most valuable lessons are shared one story at a time.