Career Mentorship

Are you looking for mentorship or guidance navigating through cybersecurity careers or looking to discuss your next security project and need a sounding board?

I have helped professionals from all walks of life with their career journey to find their next job to find happiness and satisfaction in their career.
My method is efficient and goal-oriented and involves a commitment to learning new skills, growing your network, and streamlining the process of job search and interviews to help you in your career development.

Let us begin your journey; take the first step: schedule a meeting with me at

My expertise is in cybersecurity, network security, and Information Technology, and I have free mentorship programs* for anyone interested in learning more about the information security disciplines and related careers.

Each step is a Program which can be taken in any order. For best results, you may complete each step in order. Each program has been designed to include real-world expert advice through my professional networks.

Bonus Step: The Basics
Career and Personal Goal Setting
Area of focus: Goal Setting
Step 1: Breaking the Bad
Breaking barriers to achieve your Career and Personal Goals
Area of focus: Overcome Current Challenges
Step 2: Your Cyber Journey
Career Path Identification for Cybersecurity Careers
Area of focus: Current Job Market
Step 3: Skill Shift
Skill Transfer Methodology for Changing Careers
Area of focus: Skills, Professional Summary and Resume Advice
Bonus Step: Code of Conduct
Professional Ethics for Cybersecurity
Area of focus: Personal and Professional Ethical Principles

What is included in the mentorship program?

How do we begin the mentorship journey?

You will meet with me once a week for one month to work together on your professional journey; we will take baby (small) steps to learn more about your current challenges in each area. The meetings are strategically timed to discuss the key steps to work offline. Typically, we may meet anywhere between 2-3 meetings per step. Regardless of how many steps you choose, overall engagement is one month.

How much does it cost?

The simple answer: ” Your time and commitment.”

I am currently developing this program, which means if you become part of this beta, you are compensating me with your time, and time is money. Your feedback will help in shaping this for future generations. I intend to keep this in beta as long as I can.

Contact me to learn more about my free mentorship programs and premium-focused sessions.

How to reach me?

Check out my CyberSec Mentor page for details, or go to

My strategy is simple at its core. I help individuals who are entering the workforce or have intermediate or experience in any industry and are looking for a career change or looking for direction in taking your next step on your career ladder by providing you with simple and practical steps to improve your job search, create a personal narrative, help with understanding job listings and offer you opportunities for professional growth.

Why me?
I am a security professional, and I am passionate about spreading awareness of security issues related to OT (operational technology), ICS (industrial control systems), and IoT (Internet of Things). Along with my expertise in these areas, I also believe in giving back to the community by actively participating in outreach programs and speaking at various events and venues. Through my speaking engagements, I hope to educate people on the importance of security in these critical areas and empower them to protect themselves and their organizations.

In addition to spreading awareness on security issues, I also mentor individuals in career changes, goal setting, and breaking career gaps. I provide free mentorship programs for young and seasoned professionals and women interested in information security disciplines and related careers. I believe in empowering and supporting individuals who are passionate about this field, and I am dedicated to helping them succeed in their career journeys.

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